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ALVI Technologies – India / Gas Alarm Systems – India  is a proud partner and sole representative for MSR Electronic, Germany range products for Indian subcontinent region.

About MSR Electronic : :

For more than 15 years MSR Electronic develops technologies protecting human life. The company with its headquarter in the Bavarian town of Pocking has 25 employees and cooperates with partners on four continents.
Perfectly coordinated sensors, controllers and warning devices can be combined in many ways into monitoring and warning systems and so offer optimum protection for life and health in closed areas in critical situations.
Individually configurable and flexibly integrable solutions by MSR Electronic are employed all over the world in a variety of applications: In the REWE-Markt supermarket as well as in the Ritz Charlton Hotel, at the bus maintenance and storage area as well as in the Brenner Tunnel, in Abu Dhabi as well as in Amsterdam.

MSR Electronic offer gas monitoring, automation and warning systems for online, continuous as well as portable usage application for almost all gases, toxic, inflammable, combustible and inert gasses including oxygen, SF6, CO, CO2, SO2, SiH4, H2S, NOx, benzene, toluene, hexane, hydrogen, VOC, ammonia, ethylene etc. MSR offer gas detector, gas sensor transmitter, gas sampling systems, gas analysers, portable gas detection system, gas transducer, gas controllers for analog and digital system. MSR offers products for safe as well as hazardous zone application for zone 1, zone 2a, and zone 2b.

MSR products are certified by international agencies and carry certification for CE, VDI 2053, ATEX, RoHS etc accordingly

ALVI Automation (India) Pvt Ltd and Gas Alarm India in association with ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd , Gas Alarm Systems, Sydney Australia, MSR Germany, MSR-ME Germany brings German Technological products where quality and reliability are assured. Product range includes:

  • MSR / Germany  gas sensors for H2, LPG, hydrocarbons, LEL sensors, methane, hydrocarbons, propane, butane, LNG, CNG, Acetylene, ethylene, Diesel fumes, CO2, VOC, SO2, H2S, HCN, HCl, NO, NO2, Temperature, Humidity
  • Jola Germany range of Liquid spill, liquid level, temperature Instruments
  • FISCHER / Germany range of Pressure, differential pressure, level, flow monitoring for air and liquid Aggressive media)
  • Joventa / Frakta Germany range of damper actuators
  • Greisinger / Germany range of Liquid , Gas measurement
  • Beck / Germany range of Pressure, Differential Pressure, Switches and Transmitters including for ATEX hazardous area
  • CO car park monitoring and ventilation fan control systems for Energy saving, Green House gas saving meeting LEED / USA, VDI Germany and BCA Australia (save 60-80% energy cost and protect from GWP)
  • PLC, SCADA, Building Automation, Factory, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, System Integration and Control Panels

We take pride in offering product support, application engineering support, service and calibration support and solution provider for all your measurementation, instrumentation, automation, control system needs.

for pollution and emission monitoring needs to meet pollution control board, EPA requirements, please contact us, we may be able to help you in getting most cost effective solutions.

Training to customers, clients for effective use and operation of delivered system,  we take pride in this too.

GasAlarm Systems : www.gasalarm.com.au

ALVI – INDIA-     www.alviautomation.com

ALVI – Australia: www.alvi.com.au

MSR Germany: www.msr-electronic.de

Fischer Germany: www.fischermesstechnik.de/en

Joventa Germany: www.frakta.de/e/index.html

Jola Germany: www.jola-info.de

Beck Germany: www.beck-sensors.com



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