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Car Park Ventilation & Fan Control System

ALVI-  India in association with Gas Alarm systems Australia takes pride to offer     carbon monoxide (CO) sensor transmitter / detector/ analyser from MSR Electronic- Germany with complete PLC Display Control  and Fan monitoring Systems.

Application areas: Car park ventilation, combustion, furnace ventilation, producer gas leakage monitoring, coal gas monitoring, coal area, thermal power plants, blast furnace, kitchen etc.
System Features: 
• Measuring range: 0-300ppm / 0-1000ppm
• Sensor Technology: Electrochemical (analysis, toxic monitoring)
• Output: 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS485 modbus, Lon, BacNET
• Enclosure: IP65, IP44, IP54
• Certificate: UL 61010, UL 2075, ATEX EExd, ATEX EExn, CE
• Mounting: wall mountable, duct mountable
• Installation area: safe area, hazardous area, explosion-proof
• Reverse polarity protected
• Gel based eletrolyte
• Poisoning protected
• Capable of mounting in any direction, with no effect on performance, output and life of these sensors (no orientation problems)
• Modular architecture
• Manual calibration
• Expected life > 3 years
• Low response time
• Sleep protection
• Microprocessor based value processing with temperature, moisture, dust, vibration compensation
• High amplitude, low frequency and low amplitude, high frequency compensation
• with industrial designed hydrophobic filter
• Capable for field calibration with zero and span/gain trimpots and have low calibration and maintenance cost
• Have IMMUNITY TO RF/FM INTERFERENCE as per the guidelines of EMC- Directive 2004/ 108/ EEC.

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