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Carbon Dioxide CO2 – ADT-D3 1164 Transmitter with Infrared Sensor

ALVI – India (http://www.alviautomation.com)  in association with Gas Alarm Systems – Australia (http://www.gasalarm.co.au) take pride to offer  MSR Germany Carbon Dioxide CO2 – ADT-D3 1164 Transmitter with Infrared Sensor.

CO2 transmitter with two-beam infrared sensor for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect carbon dioxide concentrations. The infrared measuring method with integrated temperature and drift compensation stands for highest accuracy, selectivity and reliability despite of the calibration interval of 3 years. The ADT-D3 possesses a standard analog output (0) 4- 20 mA or (0) 2– 10 V DC, and an RS-485 interface. 2 relays with adjustable switching thresholds as well as an integrated display are available as options.
For detecting leakages in refrigeration plants with carbon dioxide as refrigerant, and also within a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The measuring range 2000/ 5000 ppm is provided for the indoor air quality control. Due to the standard analog signal and the RS-485 serial interface the CO2 transmitter is compatible to the PolyGard gas controller series by MSR-E as well as to any other controllers or automation systems.

 Two-beam infrared gas sensor (NDIR)
 High accuracy, selectivity and reliability
 Automatic drift and temperature compensation
 Good resistance to poisoning
 Life expectancy > 10 years
 Maintenance periods 3 years
 Comfortable calibration with selective access release
 Reverse polarity protected, overload and short-circuit proof
 (0) 4 – 20 mA / (0) 2 – 10V analog signal output selectable
 Serial interface RS-485
 IP65 protected
 Housing fire-resistant according to UL 94V2
 Modular plug-in technology
 Manual addressing for RS-485 mode (optional)
 4 – 20 mA analog input for external AT transmitter (optional)
 Approved according to EN 61010-1; ANSI/UL 61010 1; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1
 Relay output (optional)
 Integrated buzzer (optional)
 LED flashlight (optional)
 LCD display (optional)
 LED status display (optional)
 Heating (optional)
 Duct mounting (optional)

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