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Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter

Carbon Monoxide Detector for Car Park Basement ventilation systems

We  ALVI Technologies association with  GasAlarm Systems  Australia (www.gasalarm.com.au) and MSR Germany, specializing in gas detection & monitoring solutions feel pleased to say that we had done lots of successful car park ventilation system projects  all over India as well as in  Australia, Newziland, Sri Lanka, […]

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Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter – GAS-CO-300-X

Highly accurate , long life, advanced technology and  low cost Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter in Indian market . One of the best sensor technology in best economical cost .
Most cost optimum sensor transmitter for carbon monoxide (CO) gas detection– application […]

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Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter

Low Cost High Accurate CO Sensor Transmitter for India – Gas-CO-300-X

We GasAlarm Systems in association with ALVI Automation India Private Limited, is a company based in Sydney, Australia (www.gasalarm.com.au) specialising in gas detection & monitoring solutions.
With over 40 years of experience in the industry we like to think we know […]

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What Does CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector do and how it works ..?

Low Price, Best Technology, High Accuracy, Long Life, Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector and Transmitter .
Benefits of CO Monitoring:
The very early sign in coal handling/processing plant fire is liberation of gas radicals (CO predominant). The idea is to detect the presence […]

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LPG Detector – Liquified Petroleum Gas Leak Detection Systems

ALVI Tech Alarm India pleased to offer LPG sensor transmitter / detector/ analyser in association with ALVI Technologies- Australia &  MSR Germany with following features:

Measuring range: 0-100% LEL (lower explosive limit), 0-100% Vol (analysis)
Technology: Pellistor / catalytic bead (flammability monitoring), […]

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Your safety from unwanted gas leakage is our responsibility

Flame Detector : With Analog Output

Gas Alarm India in association with  Gas Alarm – Australia takes pride to introduce flame detector in India.
Sensor/Detector / transmitters / ANALYZER / MONITORING for explosion proof hazardous area (zone 1, 2)
Detector / transmitters / ANALYZER / MONITORING for explosion proof […]

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Importance of CO2 Measurment Inside Metting Rooms, Classrooms, Offices etc

CO2 has been a hot topic for a number of years mainly in relation to climate change and government policy. Leaving all of that aside, monitoring and controlling indoor levels of CO2 is important for everyone to consider for health, […]

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