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Differential pressure gauge for Gaseous and Liquid media

ALVI – India  offer Fischer Germany Differential pressure gauge DA30. DA30 measures and indicates pressure and differential pressure. It is suitable to work with gaseous and liquid media not affecting the materials used. Electrical and electronic accessory components (KE) enable limiting of signal and transmitting of measurement.

Principles of Operation: The DA30 is based on a rugged and uncomplicated diaphragm movement, suitable for pressure and differential pressure measurements.

Fields of Application:

  • Water treatment
  • Level measurement
  • Filter technics
  • Flow measurement


  • Measuring system in rugged design
  • Overpressure proof up to nominal pressure
  • Slow-action and magnetic snap-action contacts
  • Inductive contacts (NAMUR)
  • Azimuth transmitter

Technical Specification:

  • Measuring ranges: 0-160 mbar to 0-1.6 bar (see Ordering Code)
  • Nominal pressure rating: 40 bar (max. static pressure)
  • Accuracy: ± 1.6% FS
  • Max. differential overpressure: One-sided overpressure protected up to nominal pressure, on (+)- and (-)-side of diaphragm, partial vacuum protected
  • Indicator: Circular dial type, 100 mm or 160 mm diameter
  • Max. ambient temperature: -20°C to +80°C
  • Max media temperature: +80°C
  • Temperature coefficient: Approx. 0.3% / 10°C
  • Zero adjustment: Screw through hole on top of dial housing. ± 25% FS.
  • Protection class: IP 65, per DIN EN 60529
  • Pressure connections: Female thread G¼, diverse connenction shanks, cutting ring fittings (see Ordering Code)
  • Pressure chamber (wetted part): Brass Cu Zn 40
  • Diaphragm (wetted part): EPDM
  • Dial mechanism, gauge housing: Chrome nickel steel 1.4301
  • Dial window: Laminated safety glass
  • Dial scale and pointer: Aluminium
  • Gaskets: Viton® o-ring
  • Electrical accessories: Limit signalling contacts: slow-action / magnetic snap-action / non-contact proximity type limit detector.
  • Pointer rotation transducer: capacitance type, with output signal proportional to the pointer position.
  • Liquid filling: For operating conditions involving vibration, pressure fluctuations, and/or moisture condensation inside, the gauge can be supplied with glycerine or silicone oil filling.
  • Reference pointer: Adjustable pointer for visual marking of limit / reference value.
  • Pressure connections: Process pipe connection to be erected by using bite type ferrule connectors or direct fitting of pipe into G½ F thread. Make sure that the connection is firmly sealed.


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