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Differential Pressure Switch for Water Chiller Plant & Industries

The differential pressure switch type DS34 is suitable for all non aggressive gases and fluids, as they are: service water, heating water, neutral gas, oil, oily water…!
Applications can be named in:
• filtration systems
• process technique
• machine building
The differential pressure switch is build
around a rugged, reliable membrane sensing
It is suitable to detect vacuum, over pressure
and differential pressure.
In every application the switch is working on
the same principle. The pressure or differential
pressure to be measured generates a force
on the membrane. This force moves the
membrane in one direction against the
measuring range spring. A plunger fitted to
the membrane operates a microswitch when
attempting the adjusted switch point.
The switch point is adjusted by means of an
indicating dial.
Technical Data DS34
Pressure range 0 – 0,6 bis 0 – 6 bar
Max. operating pressure 16 bar (overpressure and vacuum proof up to 16 bar)
Max. environmental temperature -10…70°C
Max. medium temperature + 80°C
Pressure chamber Grivory
Membrane Stainless steel ANSI 301
Pressure connections Thread G1/8 female; other see ordering code
Mounting Mounting base upon request
Electrical connection pre-wired cable 3×0,5mm²
Switch point 10-100% of range, continously adjustable
Switch point accuracy 3% FS
Contact Micro switch, hysteresis 5% FS
Max. load of micro switch
Umax 250 V AC 30 V DC
Imax 3 A 0,4 A
Pmax 250 VA 10 W
Protection class IP65

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