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FISCHER Pressure Gauge for SF6 Sulphur hexa fluoride Gas

ALVI Automation (Gas Alarm Systems ) offer Fischer Germany pressure GaugeMA13 for SF6, sulphur hexa fluoride.

SF6 , Sulphur Hexa Fluoride is widely used in high power switch gear , electrical substation, electrical switch gear rooms to quench, suppress electrical discharge or electrical spark.
The pressure gauge MA13 for over-pressure and vacuum meets the high technical requirements of corrosion-resistance and interference immunity. It is used for  liquid and gaseous media, except those having a high viscosity or are liable to crystallize.

Application Fields

• Chemical industries
• Materials processing
• Pneumatic systems
• Machinery and tero technology
• Environmental technology

Construction and Operation
The measure pressure is transferred
into the measuring element via the connection
thread. By means of the pressure
admission an elastic deformation
occurs, leading to a movement of the
measuring element.
This movement is converted into a pressure-
proportional pointer deflection via
the motion work. The measuring element
and the connection thread is one
construction, together with the motion
work and the scale. Therefore the
measuring system is autonomical
against forces acting on the case.
Internal spring stops limit the pointer deflection
up to 270 angular degrees.
Regulations for prevention of accidents
and div. laws require measuring instruments
for special processes acc. to manifold
safeguards. The type ’’bayonetcase
acc. to DIN 16006“ meets these requirements
disposing of following features:
blow-out of case back wall, frontwindow
of security laminated glass, security
against fracture via separating
wall between measuring element and dial.


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