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Gas Warning Systems for Maximum Safety

ALVI  India in association with MSR-Electronic Germany  provides reliable sensors, controllers and warning devices for refrigeration systems. The product line PolyGard®2 ensures reliable monitoring of leakages at all times and thus protects not only the health of persons but also the operation of the refrigeration systems. The simple Plug & Play sensor technology (X-Change) also allows you to save time and costs for maintenance significantly. The sensors are available for all common refrigerants.

Advantages when using the certified gas warning systems from MSR-Electronic:

 Compliant with EN 378-1 and many more

 SIL2 compliant according to IEC 61508

 Suitable for large and small systems

 The X-Change exchangeable sensor makes calibration of the sensors easier

 Alarm thresholds and interfaces freely selectable

The door-entry modules provide maximum safety in addition: If the gas concentration increases in closed buildings, for example in cooling rooms, the doors can only be opened in one direction: from the inside to the outside. This ensures that people can only move out of the hazardous area, but they can never move in.

The Bavarian company MSR-Electronic, headquartered in Pocking, develops and produces perfectly matched sensors, controllers and warning devices, which can be combined in many ways into high quality gas warning systems. Optimum protection for people and installation is thus ensured in enclosed areas in critical situations. Due to the individual configuration and the flexible integration, solutions from MSR Electronic are used worldwide in a variety of applications.

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