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Level Monitoring

ALVI Technologies/Gas Alarm Systems India – Australia offers level monitoring products for conductive liquids (water, salt water, sea water etc), non-conductive liquids (diesel, hydrocarbon, petrochemicals, LPG, underground oil etc), corrosive and aggressive liquids. These products can be custom made as per need and customer specifications and can be in form of transmitter (for continuous and online level monitoring), float switch (magnetic float switch), reed switch level detectors.

We can also offer leakage and spill-over detection products for oil leakage, tank spill over, oil on water, water on oil, moisture on ceiling etc.

These products find application in wide area of industries including process industry, building, MEP, HVAC, oil & Gas, chemical, food processing, nuclear, petrochemical, hydro, power plants, beverages, process industries, defense etc.

Products are available for safe area application as well as for hazardous area application with ATEX, EEx, SIL 2 certification.

Model Make Type Application / Approvals Measuring Range Contact Media Key Features Datasheets
NC56 Fischer Sensor, Transmitter, Capacitive type process, oil & gas, manufacturing, water, sewage, irrigation etc industries 400 to 2000 mm length, customer specified clean water, sewage, waste water, diesel, oil, fire foam, chemicals Capacitive method, applicable for plastic or metal tank, IP67, remote calibration, EC approved, continuous level monitoring
NB10 Fischer Well probe, transmitter Safe, Hazardous zone area 0-1 to 0-250 meter water, fluid, liquids, sewage, diesel, oil, waste water corrosion resistant, IP68 protected, level transmitter, use in wells, dams, tanks, containers
NC57 Fischer Sensor, Transmitter Safe area 400 to 2000 mm length, customer specified conductive, non-conductive media for conductive (water, waste water, sewage), non-conductive liquid (oil, diesel, hydrocarbon), IP67 protected, use in manufacturing, process, marine, environment industry
NK06 Fischer Sensor, Transmitter GL-approved, safe area 400 to 2000 mm length, customer specified conductive liquid / fluid, water, waste water, differentiate oil level and waste water GL-approved Conductivity type level transmitter – for level detection, dry run protection, differentiate conductive level and water level, IP65 protected
NK10 Fischer Float Switch DIN 4574, upto 16 bar pressure all liquids, process industries, heat engineering, Level limit, dry run protection, temperature resistant upto 400° Cel, stainless steel bellows, with micro switch, horizontal mounting
NR56 Fischer Transmitter DIN, resistance dry reed contact chain activated by floating magnet 250- 1400 mm all type of liquids, marine, oil & gas, environment, medical, process Tank level monitor by reed contact with float magnet, IP67 protected, ideal for all industries, application and liquid
NS01 Fischer level switch, microprocessor enabled EHEDG, FDA approved up to 10 bar pressure liquids, viscous media, food, marine, sewage, waste water Level switch for liquid and highly viscous media, for dry run protection, detection of level in tank & vessels, IP69K protected
DS21 Fischer Differential pressure switch flow-monitoring in
thermal oil installations acc. to
DIN 32 727 and in hot water installations
acc. to VdTÜV – code of practice
flow 100 –.
0…250 mbar to 0…6 bar diaphragm measuring system, diaphragms of fabric back stayed elastomer high repeatability of the switching
long service life
high overpressure protection
prototype tested

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