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MSR Germany Transmitter ADT03-3400 Sensor for LPG , combustible gases

ALVI – India (http://www.alviautomation.com)  in association with Gas Alarm Systems – Australia (http://www.gasalarm.co.au) offer  MSR Germany Transmitter ADT03-3400 for LPG , combustible gases

ADT transmitter with digital processing of the measured
values and temperature compensation for the continuous
monitoring of the ambient air and detection of combustible
gases and vapours. The calibration routine with selective
access release enables the comfortable calibration of the
transmitter. In addition to the standard analog output
(0) 4-20 mA or (0) 2- 10 V DC the ADT-03 is equipped with a
RS-485 interface for different protocols. Two relays with
adjustable switch threshold are available as an option.
The transmitter is used within a wide commercial range for
detecting flammable gases and vapours. Due to the output
signal and the RS-485 interface the transmitter ADT-03 is
compatible to the PolyGard gas controller series MGC and
DGC by MSR-E as well as to any other electronic control or
automation system.
UL STD 2075

? NRTL performance Tested & Certified Conforms to STD UL 2075
? Digital processing of the measured values including temperature compensation
? Continuous monitoring
? Low zero-point drift
? Good poisoning permanence
? Long life sensor
? Modular design (plug-in)
? Simple maintenance
? Comfortable calibration with selective access release
? Reverse polarity protected, overload protected and short-circuit proof
? (0) 4 – 20 mA / (0) 2 – 10 V analog signal output, selectable
? Serial interface

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