FISCHER DE44 LCD – 2 channel differential pressure switch / transmitter

The DE44 is a dual-sensor multifunction pressure instrument that combines a digital readout, dual limit detection relays and optional transmitter output. It can measure positive gauge, negative gauge or differential pressure of two independent gas / air pressure sources. It is ideally suited for applications such as: • Ventilation and air handling systems • Climate control systems • Environmental systems Principles of Operation The instrument is based on dual piezoresistive sensor elements. The pressure is measured directly by a piezo-resistive resistance bridge that is formed on the surface of an integral silicon diaphragm in each sensor. Change of pressure results in change of resistance that is converted to a varying voltage and then digitized. The instrument’s internal microcontroller transfers the measured value on the LED display, controls the two limit detection relays / switches and transmits the measured value through an analog conversion stage as a voltage or current signal output. An optional output signal can be slew rate limited, spreaded, inverted and transformed non-linearly by means of a table function.


• Robust design; over-pressure safe

• Maintenance-free

• Two independent differential pressure sensors

• Selectable pressure units

• Signal output with possibility of spreading and inverting characteristc curve with any offset (optional)

• Characteristic conversion of output via 3…30 entries table

• Complete set-up of all parameters and print out by using optional PC-programming interface EU03



• Monitoring of roll-band filters, vacuum systems, etc.

• Chimney draught measurement

• Flow and control-pressure measurement

• Surface coating systems

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Product Description

2 channel differential pressure switch / transmitter with LCD color change display is as of this date available for both channels with root extracted characteristic curve, thus meeting the requirements of a multifunctional unit.


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