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Mercury-Free Floating Switches – also Ex Version Electrode Controls – Also Ex Version Magnetic Switches
Float Switches  – also Ex Version Pump Control Systems Continuous Liquid Level Measurement
Magnetically Operated Float Switches Protection Relays and Alarm Relays Liquid Level Indicators
Immersion Probes – also Ex Version External-Mounting Limit Switches Continuous Liquid Level Indicators
Immersion Probes with Free Connecting Cable Level Indicators Liquid Level Transmitter for Continuous Level Measurement
Intrinsically Safe Protection Relays Level Controllers with Magnetic Switches Pressure Head Switch
Pump Control Systems Detection of oil on water Limit Switches
Conductive Leakage Detectors – Also Ex Version Instruments for the Detection of Moisture on Cooling Ceiling and for Cooling Ceiling Control (for datacenters, telecom centers) Immersion Probes with Potential-Free relay-contact
Capacitive Leakage Detectors for Conductive (e.g. water) and Non-Conductive Liquids (e.g. Oil, diesel, hydrocarbons) – Also Ex Version Level Controllers on the Air Bubble Injection Principle

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